We changed our official mailbox to The Sheriff appeared in the game. He will give quests and control the law.        

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Start Alpha Test

We open an alpha test for players Steam. To become a member send an email to     The Goddess Seamoon  is waiting for you! Play and become rich.   Alpha test players will give bonuses and gifts. More on our pages in social networks.

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Buy and sell land in the city. This is a bonus to reach the fourth level of the character and weapons. It will be possible to build houses. (City map) 2.The fourth level of characters and weapons. (Look at the tables)  

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Before starting the game, check out the character management!

There are 3 (three) types of characters (treasure hunters) in 1.0 version of the game: -“Ranger” — male and female character, -“Gavillero”- male and female character, -“Hunter”- male and female character.   Skills and characteristics of different sex are equel. All characters are of THIRD level. When you register, you will have only “ranger” character […]

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Welcome Game

You will see about gifts and prizes on the pages of The game is not playing? See on Go technical work. Do not forget to read  – “Сontrol character” and “FAQ”. This will help you! When the character receives damage, the inventory is blocked for THIRTY seconds (I (i) key). When you exit […]

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Welcome to sands and rocks

  Welcome to sands and rocks of the Dead Sea, treasure hunter! MMO — found, crafted or robbed. Did you come here to make a fortune? Find treasures in the poisonous fog and try to come back alive to sell them. Gold, crystals, coins and ancient weapons. Everything can be bought and sold here either […]

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Legend of the World

Legend of the World.   We can speak forever about the world of “Dead” Fog Sea. And wise people say ‘Time is money! And with money you can buy a Ferrari!’. So, let’s cut the long story short. A long time ago, it was a wealthy land, circled by impassable mountains. There was a city […]

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