Legend of the World

Legend of the World.


We can speak forever about the world of “Dead” Fog Sea. And wise people say ‘Time is money! And with money you can buy a Ferrari!’. So, let’s cut the long story short.

A long time ago, it was a wealthy land, circled by impassable mountains. There was a city on seashore. The citizens were mining gold and crystals from the mountains and every one of them was bringing gifts to the Temple Of The Sea Goddess – Seamoon.

Once, cruel pirates arrived. They killed all the citizens, desecrated and looted the The Seamoon Temple. Gods became furious. The Nature rebelled and the sea boiled with giant waves. Gods started to throw giant crystals into the sea and on the ships sailing in it.

All the Pirates’ galleys sank with looted treasures.

Soon, water went away and there was only dry bottom of the sea with poisonous fog. Gods cursed the Dead Sea. Even the Sun turned its face away from it. So, the Eternal Night came. No one can survive here. The poisonous fog can kill anybody in two  hours.

Many time passed since people dared to come back, they were treasure hunters.

The Seamoon Goddess never forgave people. She said ‘If you are greedy, so I will be cruel. Let’s play a game. You will have treasures and I will have you lives. Search for the treasures in this dead desert, kill and rob each other! Let the terrible crabs cripple you and the flying spheres poison you. It will amuse me.

They say the first person who found the way through the mountains was a vagabond, a hunter, an adventurer – an American. They called him “The Ranger”. He found many old golden coins, a ruined temple and many more. Since then people call these treasure hunters as “rangers” or “hunters”. A rumor of fortune crossed many mountains and valleys. And people went here in search for gold. And in a place where there is a lot of money and gold, there are bandits. When the first of them was hanged, he was shouting ‘Salut, gavillero!’. Since then, if you are a bandit, you are called “gavillero”.

Seamoon Goddess couldn’t stop the flow of the people , but she made everything to not let things from the modern world get into the valley of the Dead Sea. Any modern mechanism of a weapon is prohibited here.  So, here arrived “brother” contrabandists from Catalonia or La-Mancha. Rumors say they are brothers or friends of the First Hunter. These smugglers established production of flashlights and batteries for them. Without a flashlight you can’t find any treasure of artifact in the fog. The smugglers also supply with modern antidote, regeneration devices and even special glasses. And more so, but they don’t have any weapon. It was a demand of the Seamoon.

“Brothers” set up a production of arrows from local violet cane with bronzed tip, that glows in the fog. Without bow and arrows a treasure hunter can be killed by flying spheres (they are also called Grizzly).

This barren wasteland is called WANDERFOG or a Deceptive Fog.

Those “brothers” smugglers never go into the fog. Their business is trade and order in the city. They only care about selling everything that treasure hunters need in their search for gold and artifacts in this foggy and dried bottom of the sea. When hunters come back, the bothers buy the treasures. However, many wanderers trade goods with each other. And why not? A rare weapon is popular; you shouldn’t go away from the city without it.

Seamoon Goddess loves to amuse herself. She even made up a magical transformation of the people. For example, A strong ranger can change clothes and become a cunning gavillero. And if one is tired of looting corpses, one can transform into a fast hunter. Thus, start a hunt on bandits. Choose, play, find treasures, rob other people and earn money. But don’t forget, you are not alone in this world you have a company of explosions of geysers, attacks of aggressive crabs and cunning bandits, falling “Grizzly” and poisonous fog.

Treasures are everywhere. Crystals fall down from the sky leaving a glowing trail in it. They are “tears” of Seamoon Goddess. These are tears not of sorrow but of laughter.

That is the Legend.

Play, you will get lucky! Or even rich and famous!

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