«Amber week».

 «Amber week». Goddess Seamoon need to have three “Old coulomb Amber”. You have seven days to receive a gift from the Goddess. You have the book of crafting in your chest in town. You’ll find artifacts in jugs in the bushes, in contraband sack — in “Valley of Geysers” and “Sandbox”. There are “sky crystals” in “Salt River”. (Map -” j “).  Put the coulombs in your chest and tell the Sheriff. Attention! Don’t forget to take screenshots of crystals on sand and box of diamonds on sack. The Sheriff will give you a gift or a Steam card. Be the first. And don’t forget to turn on the flashlight (f). Artifacts are visible only when there is light flashlight.  The quest starts on 14 October 2019, the end – on 20 October 2019. (Time = UTC+2). And you must craft or buy a bow to kill poisonous flying balls. Good luck.


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