There are 3 (three) types of characters (treasure hunters)  in 1.0 version of the game:

-“Ranger” — male and female character,

-“Gavillero”- male and female character,

-“Hunter”- male and female character.


Skills and characteristics of different sex are equel.

All characters are of THIRD level. When you register, you will have only “ranger” character (two other types “gavillero” and “hunter” you can achieve by magical transformation in the game). You can choose sex of the character only once, later you won’t be able to change it. After choice of the character, you will appear in the world. You can’t level up your character in version 1.0.

When entering the game for the first time you will find two types of armor in the bag – one’s of “gavillero” and “hunter”. By putting these armors on and off you can transform your character into another type.

Once you are killed, you will respawn in the city. It needs at least two-three minutes to restore your “HP” and “lifetime” characteristics. After that, you can go back to searching for treasures in the poisonous fog of the “Dead” Sea.


Control character

Go forward – W

Go back – S (30% slower than going forward)

AutoWalk – R

Jump – Space

Turns: left – A, Right – D, or with a mouse.

Run – Shift+W (50% faster)

AutoRun – double-click W

Commands: “Take the item”, “Open – Close” the chest in storehouse, “Open the teleport map”,  “Trade with a merchant/See wares (goods)” – E

Shoot a bow – LMB (Press 2 to grab a bow)

Strike with a sword – LMB (Press 3 to grab a sword and a shield)

Turn on/off the flashlight for treasure searching – F

Inventory – I. “Open – Close the bag”. (When the character receives damage, the inventory is blocked for THIRTY seconds.)

Crafting – C. You can craft only near chests in a storehouse when you see a sign: “Open chest – E/Start crafting – C”

Use objects from your pockets – F1-F4. Buttons correspond to pocket slots from 1 to 4. You can find pocket in the lower part of the inventory.

Chat between players – T. You can “hear” and be heard only in 5 meters radius. Only 5 people can hear you at the same time.

Characteristics of types:


“Lifetime” – 90 minutes (blue line in the right corner of the screen)

Health (HP) – 1000 points (red line in the right corner of the screen)

Walking speed – 6 km per hour.

“Overview” skill – see through fog without flashlight up to 100 meters.

“Artifact search” skill – find treasures around you in 4 (FOUR) meters area with your flashlight turned on.



“Lifetime” – 90 minutes

Health (HP) – 900 points

Walking speed – 7 km per hour.

“Overview” skill – see through fog without a flashlight up to 100 meters.

“Artifact search” skill – find treasures around you in 3,5 (three and a half) meters area with your flashlight turned on.



“Lifetime” – 90 minutes

Health (HP) – 800 points

Walking speed – 8 km per hour.

“Overview” skill – see through fog without a flashlight up to 100 meters.

“Artifact search” skill – find treasures around you in 3 (three) meters area with your flashlight turned on.


Players can see each other in the fog in a distance of 200-250 meters, only when their flashlights are turned on.

Any character has two  meters “Artifact search” skill, when he runs.

Capsule “Vision” adds 2 (two) meters “Artifact search” skill, when walking and running.

Red antidote adds 200 HP.

Blue antidote adds 30 “Lifetime”.

Regenerate antidote (red/blue) adds 80 “Lifetime” and 500 HP.



Every character has an inventory: a cane bag with 12 slots (press “I” button), (It is a Seamoon gift, so it respawns  after your death), two chests in a storehouse with 24 slots — (E (key), flashlight – F (key), 4 (four) pockets – F1-F4, sideward belt for weapon and clothes.

If you want to put an item from a bag into a chest just press LMB and drag.  If you want to drop any item out of your inventory, just press LMB and drag it out of a bag/chest window. This object will completely DISSAPEAR from the game.

You can find your own personal chest in any contrabandists’ storehouses. There are brothers merchants near the storehouse.

When you sell an object, it will appear in the merchant’s inventory. When you buy, it will appear in your inventory: in a bag, pockets or sideward belt.

When you character dies, the bag will be lying in the place of your death for FORTY-FIVE minutes. You can go back and take items from it. Then the bag will disappear.

In order to use pockets (lower part of the inventory) you should press F1-F4. For example, you want to use healing potion or smuggled pill. Items in your pockets will stay in even if you die or quit game. You can put healing potions, antidotes, pills and other usable items into your pockets.

Attention: Sideward belt panel is active only in the city.



You need flashlight to find items, gold, crafting objects, crystals, artifacts and others in the fog. It is a “treasure hunting” skill. When your flashlight is TURNED OFF you can’t see any of these objects in the sand.

When your Flashlight is turned on your “overview” skill is 30-40% less effective but your “treasure hunting” skill is active now. The flashlight is “blinding” your character in some way. Moreover, other players can see you more easily in the fog when their flashlights are not turned on.

Your flashlight can be seen on your left shoulder. It is your personal item that doesn’t disappear when you die.

The flashlight has two modes: “full light” (on) and off. You can switch between them by pressing «F”.

The flashlight has limited amount of charges.  It has 10 (ten) charges. You can see the number of the remaining charges in the left lower part of the screen.

Charges can be bought from merchants. Contrabandists make them from fallen amethysts.



Player can play any type of his/her character: “ranger”, “gavillero”, “hunter”. In order to do it he/she needs a proper set of armor and weapon (Multiclass weapon suits any type). It is called magical “transformation”.  If you want to transform your type, you need to put all your recent types of weapons in your bag or personal chest in the storehouse and then put on a new armor.

Your character will change clothes automatically. Then you need to put on weapon that suits your new type (Icons I-III will help you). Emerald color of the icon means — “ranger” type, ruby – “gavillero”, amber – “hunter”, violet – multiclass i.e. it suits every type. (see “game weapons” page)

After transformation, you will receive all skills and characteristics of the type. For example, “Artifact search” skill (area around you where you can find items) or walking speed.

Hats, sunglasses and other accessories are multiclass items.

Attention: transformation is available only in the city.