• Wanderfog town — safe territory in the lower-left part of the map. There is no poison fog. Big grey bolders -ruins of an ancient wall are the border of Wanderfog town.

Player will spawn the first time in the town and and will respawn if he/she dies in the sands of dead sea. (poisonous fog)

There are 3 teleport arches in the town. Press button E when you are in the arch to open the map.

There are shops, storehouses, contraband shop (premium) and auction house in the town.

Player can put items in personal chests, they are 24 slots each. If you want to drop and item out of the chest just click an item with left mouse button, hold and drag it out of the chest borders. An item will dissappear automatically.

PvP is prohibited in the town.


  • «Sandbox» — is a territory around the town. It has sand colour on the map. «Sandbox» and «Sacred Place» PvP is prohibited on this territory.

There are two swamps with sugar cane around the town and down the East and North roads.

There are signs with warnings about the end of safe zone on the East and North roads.

  • Other parts of the territory are zones where attacking other players is allowed. Crabs and other aggressive creatures can be found there.

There are two impassable reefs in the Northest part of the Sea. This is how the Seamoon Goddess barried the region from deadly Blue Fog.