• I shot the bow and it dissappeared.

    Answer: There is 0.01 % chance of weapon breaking. We are sorry, better luck next time.
  • How can make a gift to my friend? 

    Answer: You can give, for example, «Elcapita» sword by using gift sertificate. Visit «gift sertificate» section on our site.

  • I was crafting and then the message appeared «take the artefacts or drop it», then the game freezed.

    Answer: This is Seamoon Goddess is having «fun». You should put all the objects from the craft panel into the chest. They will be saved. Then restart the game. We are working on fixing the problem. We recommend you put all rare artefacts from your bag into the chest before crafting.
  • I put a crystal into the storehouse, when I started the game the next time, there were no crystal. What happened? Answer: The crystal or any other artefact didn’t disappear. Change the places of any other objects or put some into your bag and the crystal will appear. Unfortunately, the oldman of the storehouse sometimes confuses the artefacts and change their places. We asked contrabandists brother to replace him, but they say they can’t do it. He will retire soon.
  • The game freezes with a grey screen «Loading game date…»Answer: Steam is loading several games at the same time, Wanderfog client don’t have enough time to load. Restart the game.
  • I found a bag, but it doesn’t open. What’s wrong?Answer:A lost bag can be open in 45 minutes, it won’t open after 45 minutes or it disappears. Better luck next time.
  • I can’t transform. The armour doesn’t move. Answer: Put all your weapon into a bag or a storehouse. Now you can change your armour. After that take the weapon for your new class. Sand colour — Hunter, red colour — Gavillero, green colour — Ranger, purple colour — multiclass (any class). Or close and reopen the chest and inventory.
  • A message appears near a barrel «open». I opened it but nothing happened.
    Answer: The barrel is empty. Someone has already taken an artefact from it. There is a respawn time for an artefact.


  • Why there are few players, big desert and no quests?
    Answer:It’s not a shooter, sirvival or a quest game. It’s a MMO for players who love to wander around alone in search for gold and artefacts. Or for those who love to sit and wait in an ambush. It’s a game where you can sell an artefact for a good price (have a look at social media). It’s about adventures and money! 
  • Where are magic runes?

Answer: Crystals with magic runes can be dropped as a loot from crabs or you can find them in the sands of the dead sea. Artefacts of old weapons are in boats and chests. Old coins can be found in boats, chests, jags (in orange bushes), and barrels or sometimes in the sands.

  • Why charachter run so slow?

Answer: Try to run with 30 kg on your back with armour on in sands and rocks and breathing poison gas. The mechanic of the game is made to resemble real life.


  • I started the game for the first time and can’t see my nickname.

Answer: After your second start you will the nickname in upper-left corner of the screen. This issue will be fixed.


  • I was selling artefacts to a merchant, when an artefact stuck in the air. After that I couldn’t put it neither in my bag or merchant panel.

Answer: Sometimes Seamoon is angry and doesn’t allow to sell artefacts. Humans made many evil deeds to her.
Put other artifacts from the bag in the chest or sell its. Restart the game.  We ask Seamoon not to do it again, but she doesn’t listen. We are sorry.


  • When I enter the game for the first time, I don’t have  armour and sword.
    Answer: We are sorry, the server didn’t make it properly. We are working on it. You can buy armour and weapon in any merchant for a cheap price. Pay attention to M — male armour and F — female armour.
  • Disconnected with the server while playing.

Anwer: We are not responsible for the work of your Intertet provider. If you were in the sands of the dead sea, you bagis in the place where you were disconected. Start the game again and find your bag.