Features of the game

Features of the game (version 1.0):

  1. The player gets a character with level 3 (there are 4 levels in the game). In addition, you receive three armors for magical transformation.
  2. There is no voice chat in this version.
  3. There is no option of customization of your character; you can only choose the class.
  4. There is no craft levelling. Although, there is always 1% chance of breakage (i.e. failed craft).
  5. “Sand storms” change the landscape and drop of artefacts. You will know the beginning of the storm by message in the upper-right corner of the screen and by sound of a bell.
  6. Some weapons cannot be used in this version of the game. For example, epic Gavillero shield – “Dead Wall”. It is a shield for future versions, though you can craft it, sell it, or put into your collection.
  7. There are impassable reef zones with blue fog.
  8. You can’t see «bravery points.» They will be charged for the killed monsters under the nickname of a player.
  9. There are flying balls (grizzly) that can attack a player. When hit, a player loses 10 lifetime points (blue line). You can shot down the balls with a bow.
  • There are many geysers on the surface of the Dead Sea. If stepped on, they will burst with poisonous gases. There are two types of geysers:
    — “White” – salt geyser. It deals 10 damage to HP with 1% chance of critical strike.

— “Yellow” – geyser with sand and salt. It deals 20 damage to HP with 2% chance of critical strike.

  1. A player can be attacked by aggressive crabs. There are three types of crabs:

— Sand crab. Can be encountered everywhere. It has 250 HP and deals 70 HP per hit with 1% chance of critical strike.

— Red crab “Samurai”. Can be encountered everywhere except the “sandbox”. It has 400 HP and deals 100 HP per hit with 2% chance of critical strike.

— Black crab “Crusader”. Can be usually encountered beyond far reef. It has 600 HP and deals 150 HP per hit with 3% chance of critical strike.

  1. Loot from the carbs can be dropped in 3 meters zone.
  2. Contraband (premium) shop is currently not accessible. In case of lack of space in chests you can keep your objects in your mail.